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General Announcements

County Council Candidate Recommendations

The WMC sent a questionnaire to the candidates for Salt Lake County Council. The questions addressed threats and opportunities for recreation in our county including the Wasatch Mountains and in urban areas. Questions were prepared by WMC members to try to cover all of our activities. On the basis of their replies here are the WMC recommendations. We like Arlyn Bradshaw who is the incumbent for District 1 over Richard Barnes. Arlyn has a proven record and gave detailed and supportive answers to our questions. Dan Snarr and Aimee Newton (incumbent) for District 3 did not answer some of our questions as they had not formulated opinions on the issues. On the questions they did answer they were similar in their positions and were generally in agreement on our issues. For At Large A we are fortunate in having two strong candidates, Jenny Wilson and Micah Bruner who support recreation and conservation. To view the list of questions asked visit http://wasatchmountainclub.org/admin/menu.php?add=admin/questions.htm

Mountain Accord

The Mountain Accord Process is of vital concern to the WMC and its members. For more information go to http://www.mountainaccord.com to keep up with progress on the Environmental, Recreation, Economic and Transportation systems.

Security Concerns:

  • Windows XP - Microsoft is no longer generating security updates for XP because it was originally released back in August of 2001. Now is the time to upgrade to Windows 7, or switch to another vendor such as Apple.
  • Internet Explorer version 8 - This version runs on Windows XP, has known security issues, and is no longer being updated by Microsoft. You should switch to the most popular browser, which is Google's Chrome browser.
  • Heartbleed - We use Authorize.Net to process our credit cards. Yes, you can securely use their website to pay for your WMC membership.

E-Waste Recycling Events and Locations

Electronic waste (e-waste) is composed of the electronics individuals throw out each year when they become broken or obsolete. Electronic wastes include: Televisions, Computer, Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners, Computer Parts, Keyboards, and Cell Phones.
E-Waste Recycling Locations
SLC Green - Electronics Recycling

The Wasatch Mountain Club Foundation and Lodge

Learn more about the WMCF and its Lodge by visiting their website.

Streamlined version of the Activity Calendar

Use your smartphone to access a streamlined version of the WMC Activity Calendar.

Email Lists For Activities

Do you want to join one of the activity email lists (biking, boating, climbing, conservation, hiking, skiing, and/or social) but don't know how? It's actually pretty easy:
  • First log in.
  • Under "Member Menu" select "Email List Subscribe & Unsubscribe".
  • Click the activity email lists you want to subscribe to.
  • Click the "Update Subscriptions" button.
It really is that easy!


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