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Governing Board / Contact Us

1390 South 1100 East #103
Salt Lake City, UT 84105-2443

Executive Officers
        Will McCarvill President 801-694-6958 email
        Julie Kilgore Vice President 801-244-3323 email
        Christine Fraizer Secretary 801-262-7152 email
        Jason Anderson Treasurer 205-532-3003 email

        Alexis Kelner Historian 801-359-5387 email
        Bret Mathews Information Technology Director 801-831-5940 email
        Eileen Gidley Membership Director 801-870-5870 email
        Vacant Public Relations Director email
        Justin Nelson Publications Director - The RAMBLER 801-550-4969 email

        Marcy Allen Biking Co-Director 435-640-1033 email
        Diane Rosenberg Biking Co-Director 858-336-7901 email
        Katie Kunz Biking Co-Director 801-901-2599 email
        Jennifer Ritter Mountain Biking Coordinator 801-359-4955 email

        Aymara Jimenez Boating Co-Director 435-764-4496 email
        Katrina Easton Boating Co-Director 970-683-8996 email
        Bret Mathews Boating Equipment Co-Coordinator 801-831-5940 email
        Donnie Benson Boating Equipment Co-Coordinator 801-466-5141 email
        Pam Stalnaker Canoeing Coordinator 801-425-9957 email
        Kelly Beumer Rafting Coordinator 801-230-7967 email

        Steve Duncan Climb/Mountaineering Co-Director 801-680-9236 email
        Kathleen Waller Climb/Mountaineering Co-Director 801-859-6689 email
        Rick Thompson Canyoneering Coordinator email

        Eric Sadler Conservation Director 801-518-3676 email

        Anthony Hellman Social Co-Director 801-809-6133 email
        Mckinley Gorham Social Co-Director 801-386-2770 email
        Bart Bartholoma Sing-A-Long Co-Coordinator 801-277-4093 email
        La Rae Bartholoma Sing-A-Long Co-Coordinator 801-277-4093 email

        Julie Kilgore Hiking Co-Director 801-244-3323 email
        Donn Seeley Hiking Co-Director 801-706-0815 email
        Nancy Martin Evening Hike Coordinator 801-419-5554 email
        Dave Andrenyak Trails Co-Coordinator 801-582-6106 email
        Brett Smith Trails Co-Coordinator 801-580-2066 email

Winter Sports
        Bradley Yates Winter Sports Director 801-278-2423 email
        Lubos Pavel Alpine Ski Coordinator 435-659-1655 email
        Mike Berry Nordic Ski Coordinator 801-750-1915 email
        Jim Kucera Snowshoeing Coordinator 801-263-1912 email

WMCF Lodge
        Robert Myers Foundation Liaison 801-466-3292 Home email
         801-651-9965 Cell

        Robert Turner Trustee 2012-2016 801-560-3378 email
        Barb Hanson Trustee 2013-2017 801-485-0132 email
        Dave Rumbellow Trustee 2014-2018 801-889-6016 email
        John Veranth Trustee 2015-2019 801-278-5826 email
        Dale Green Trustee Emeritus 801-277-6417

Wasatch Mountain Club, 1390 South 1100 East #103, Salt Lake City, UT 84105-2443
801-463-9842 — gro.bulCniatnuoMhctasaW@ofnI