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General Announcements

Snow Removal at Lodge

A big THANK YOU to those volunteers who showed up on Tuesday March 19th to remove snow from the roof of the lodge at Brighton. Without your help only a small portion of the work could have been completed. Your willingness to assist helps the board of directors continue to maintain the lodge and allow others to enjoy the charm of the building. Your time and energy is greatly appreciated.


Alexis Kelner Conservation Award

In 1988, the Alexis Kelner Conservation Award was established to recognize those who have given distinguished service to the cause of Utah Conservation. The establishment of the awards was, in fact, a formalization of a trend started some years earlier for honoring individuals who had contributed significantly to the preservation and conservation of Utah’s public lands.

In November 2018, the WMC recognized the Corner Canyon Trails Foundation, which has been instrumental in promoting and protecting the open space areas of Draper and constructing an extensive network of multi-use hiking/biking/equestrian trails. The mission of the Foundation is “Making mountain adventures possible through pathways to the outdoors in the Corner Canyon and surrounding areas.” The WMC board recently approved a $5,000 grant to assist the Corner Canyon Trails Foundation in building the new "Phantom" hiking-only trail in the Ghost Falls area.

A complete list of past Alexis Kelner Conservation Award recipients can be found on the WMC website under the General Menu, or by clicking this link.


Pa Parry Award

Pa Parry Award: Clarence (Pa) Parry was one of the early members of the Wasatch Mountain Club. In 1954, Pa initiated an award to be given to a member who had given exceptional service to the Club.

In November 2018, the WMC honored Brett Smith for all of the volunteer work he has done for the Wasatch Mountain Club including serving on the board, organizing numerous hiking tours, his extensive back country knowledge, leading the WMC team of the multi-agency Mt. Olympus Saddle-to-Summit cairn building project, his many years of coordination and leadership on the Mt. Olympus trailhead trash and graffiti cleanup team, his years of work on Bonneville Shoreline Trail in many segments, and his liaison with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Committee.

A complete list of past Pa Parry award recipients can be found on the WMC website under the General Menu, or by clicking this link.


Rambler Articles

The Rambler editor needs more submittals of trip writups and other WMC-specific content. The Rambler is what the members make it. Send feedback on the Rambler to gro.bulcniatnuomhctasaw@relbmar or contact any board member.


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