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WMC Boating Rental Rates

WMC Boating Rental Rates
WMC Trip - trip listed in the Rambler.
Non-WMC Trip - trip NOT listed in the Rambler (private).

Day Trips (Split Mountain, Alpine Canyon, Payettes, ...)
Paddle boats $15/person/day
Inflatable kayaks (duckie) $15/person/day
Canoe $15/person/day
Oar Rig (minimal gear goes on the river) $15/person/day
Life Jackets (PFDs) $  3/person/day
Kitchen gear $  2/person/day

Multi-Day Trips (Salmons, Lodore/Yampa, San Juan, Cataract, ...)
 WMC TripNon-WMC Trip
Self-bailing paddle boat $55/day$65/day
Oar Rig with kitchen * $70/day$80/day
Oar Rig without kitchen * $60/day$70/day
Inflatable Kayak-single $15/day$22/day
Inflatable Kayak-double $25/day$32/day
Canoe $15/day$22/day
+ Every 5th day is free (ie pay for four days, get the fifth day free).
* WMC Boating Kitchen includes a blaster, coffee pot, cooking utensils, cutting boards, dish drying rack, disk wash buckets & supplies, dutch ovens (aluminum), first aid kit, fire pan and blanket, griddles (aluminum), hand wash buckets, Jon-ny Partner PU, Partner 4-burner stove, cooking pots & pans, mixing bowls, propane tank, rain fly, river table & roll-a-table, spices, trash bags, water jugs.

Non-WMC Member Surcharge
Non-WMC member on a WMC trip - $20

Other Equipment
Life Jackets (PFDs) $3/day/person
Katadyn Filters $6/day
Trailer 8'x16'
$30/day (includes travel days!). Has tandem axles, a 2" ball,
and a 4-pin electrical connector.

"The Rules"
  1. Rates apply to each day on the river (not travel days), excludes the trailer.
  2. On WMC trips, maximum damage liability is $60/person.
  3. On non-WMC trips, renter is responsible for ALL loss and damage.
  4. On non-WMC trips only WMC members may rent gear.
  5. WMC trips have first priority on equipment over non-WMC trips.
  6. If a trip participant brings his/her own paddle boat/oar boat and it is used to transport group equipment/people, it is suggested that the participant be reimbursed at 50% of the WMC rate.
  7. Miscellaneous gear rentals (when no oar rig/paddle boat/duckie are being rented) have a $10 minimum charge. If a substantial amount of gear (Pardners stove, PU, cooler, and a table) is rented then $10/river day.
  8. WMC trips use standard equipment form with limited liability, non-WMC trips use Private Rental form with full liability.
  9. 2019 WMC Boating Equipment Co-Coordinators are Bret Mathews (801-831-5940) and Donnie Benson (801-466-5141).
Other Places To Rent Gear

Wasatch Mountain Club, 1390 South 1100 East Suite 103, Salt Lake City, UT 84105-2462
801-463-9842 — gro.bulCniatnuoMhctasaW@ofnI
Wasatch Mountain Club
1390 South 1100 East Suite 103
Salt Lake City, UT 84105-2462

The Wasatch Mountain Club is an outdoor recreation club for adults dedicated to fostering
awareness of the scenic beauties of the Wasatch and encouraging preservation of our natural areas

1390 South 1100 East, Suite 103, Salt Lake City, Utah 84105         801.463.9842         www.wasatchmountainclub.org