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WMC Boating Equipment

WMC Boating Equipment

After many years of river running the WMC Boaters have assembled an excellent collection of gear. Modest fees are collected from gear rentals to maintain and replace worn gear. The gear can be rented on non-WMC trips (trips not listed in the Rambler) by a club member.

  • 16' and 14' self-bailing oar rigs (one of each) - each with frame, 3 oars, repair kit, two dry boxes, Yeti cooler, bow line, cargo net, air pump, and a bag of straps.
  • 14' and 13' self-bailing paddle boats (one of each) - each with paddles, repair kits, bow lines, air pump, and thwart bags.
  • Two 2-person inflatable kayaks with air pump, repair kit, paddles, and helmets.
  • Two 1-person inflatable kayaks with air pump, repair kit, paddles, and helmets.
  • Two 16' canoes.

  • Kitchens - two complete sets, each with 4-burner Partner Steel stove and propane tanks, dish wash buckets, pots and pans, mixing bowls, coffee pot, 1 rafting table and 1 roll-a-table, utinsel set, cutting boards, blaster, ...
  • Life jackets (PFDs).
  • Safety equipment: first aid kits, throw bags, raft wrap kits, helmets, ...
  • Dutch ovens, hard anodized aluminum ones, 12" and 14".
  • Yeti Coolers.
  • Electric and manual air pumps.
  • Fire pans.
  • Groovers (Jon-ny Partner River Toilet and rocket boxes).
  • Katadyn Expedition water filter.
  • Propane tanks.
  • Sun shade/rain fly.
  • Water jugs.

  • Trailer (8'x16') with tandem axles, a 2" ball, and a 4-pin electrical connector.

Wasatch Mountain Club, 1390 South 1100 East Suite 103, Salt Lake City, UT 84105-2462
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