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Trip Reports

Trip Reports

Hike, petroglyphs, waterfall, 1800's militia guard shack & more
By Pat Christian
HIKE 08/05/2018 NTD

We five hikers met around 8 a.m. at the park & ride at the mouth of Provo Canyon and then continued to the trailhead near Canyon Glenn Park 2.4 miles up the canyon. Members included myself and leader, Pat Christian, hiker co-sponsor Petra Brittner, Da Yang, Scot Engen and Knick Knickerbocker. We ascended the Bonneville Shoreline and Little Baldy Trail and hiked the length of Johnson's Bowl trail until we reached the Salt Lake Aqueduct road. We followed the road east and up canyon until we reached a ridge that leads back to the petroglyphhs and down hiked and explored the old Native American graphics. We then scrambled off trail back to the road and followed it to the ruins of an 1858 Guard Quarters of an early Mormon militia site where militiamen were task to be on the lookout for U.S. Army soldiers reportedly on their way to put down on what U.S. authorities in Washington D.C. possibly perceved as a rebellion. We continued down the road until we reached a lower single-track trail that led back to and above Canyon Glen Park and finally reached our cars around 12:30 p.m.

The hike had an elevation gain of 1003 feet and was 5.60 miles. We also saw views of Bridal Veil double waterfalls, a couple of other smaller falls the site of the old Provo Canyon Toll road and other sites.

Leisurely Hike Petroglyphs, Waterfall, A 1800s Militia Guard Shack And More.

Provo Canyon Sunday morning Petroglyphs/history hike. NTD, slow pace, finishing within a couple of hours or so before it gets too too hot. co-organizer: Petra Brittner, phone (512) 525-9285

Organizer: Pat Christian
Phone: 801-369-9466
Email: pat@patchristian.com
Date: Sun Aug 05 2018
Meeting Place: Meeting place: Mouth of Provo Canyon park & ride (I-15 to Orem, exits Orem 800 North Street and East to mouth of canyon. Park & Ride is east of only gas station there.) We then will go to Canyon Glenn Park in Provo Canyon to start the hike.
Meeting Time: 8:00 am



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