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Trip Reports

Trip Reports

By Larry Swanson
SKI 03/28/2008 MSD

Kings Peak 35th Annual Ski Tour

The prospects in early March looked very promising with all the snow in the Wasatch and the Uintas. A recon trip to Henry's Fork with a half dozen "regulars" revealed the best snow in decades. The snow was very deep and firm in the creek, our favorite route. It was almost hard to find a snow bridge as you could ski anywhere. The peak was relatively blown free of snow. On the eve of the trip the weather forecast looked bleak. Lots of new snow, cold weather, and blustery weather were promised. Little of that materialized, however, as Kings Peak makes its own rules. The night had been mild for camping, a very light skiff of snow made the wax grip perfectly, the sun rose to a bluebird day, and the peak was ready to challenge all comers as usual. Wind was a force to be reckoned with in the basin, with a special emphasis on Gunsight Pass and the upward traverse. Spindrift filled the air at times but the sun was out and it wasn't cold. Conditions were "firm!" on the traverse and on the peak itself in spots. Nevertheless a record percentage of folks braved the elements and summited. The route out was FAST with a touch of glazing on the still firm track, so most folks exited in daylight. Twenty- two enjoyed one of the best opportunities in years at this classic. The photo shows the entire upper route from Gunsight to the summit of Kings Peak.

The Swanson Brothers

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