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Trip Reports

Trip Reports

Nordic Ski Tour: Kings Peak
By Larry Swanson
SKI 03/25/2011 MSD

It was nippy cold in the morning but a light skiff of snow over a very firm base made the bobbing headlamp train, a bit after 4:30 am, travel quickly toward the intricacies of "the creek route" and the miles ahead. The group (15) was the usual mix of seasoned veterans and new or occasional visitors. The Senior Set was well represented. One hardy person went up the day before and camped at Dollar Lake and one celebrity, Paul Horton - the previous long time WMC Historian, came down from Jackson, WY to sample the joys once again. Weather looked formidable above Elkhorn Crossing but Gunsight Pass and the peak were essentially calm. Everyone got out in reasonable time and the trip was chalked up as something to come back for again next year. Put the last Saturday in March, 2012, on your calendar. See you next year for the 39th.
Larry and Steve Swanson

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