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Trip Reports

Trip Reports

Bike Touring: Jackson, WY Loop
By Rob Jones
BIKE 06/23/2014 MSD

Summary: This is a report about a self-contained bicycle tour of the Jackson Loop. From Jackson, Wyoming we peddled North to Grand Teton NP (National Park) and into Yellowstone NP. We rode out of Yellowstone via West Yellowstone, MT and into Idaho to Ashton - touring the more scenic and quieter route past Mesa Falls. From Ashton, we traveled to Tetonia, Driggs, and Victor before returning to Jackson over the Teton Pass.

The whole report, complete with narrative, photos, videos, links, can be seen here:


The route was scouted and the trip organized by Katie Slack and Rusty Gardner. Thanks guys!

Rob of the WV

Once again, that link is:


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