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Hike, Backpack & Camp

Hike, Backpack & Camp

Nancy Munger
Hiking Co-Director
Michele Stancer
Hiking Co-Director
Mark Bloomenthal
Evening Hike Coordinator
Alex Arekalian
Trail Maintenance Co-Coordinator

Welcome to the Wasatch Mountain Club Hiking page. Hiking is one of the WMC's most popular activities. Join us for fabulous hikes up to mountain tops, alpine lakes or forest loops. Or come with us on a backpack or car camping trip. Hikes are organized at different levels of difficulty and cover different distances so everyone can find the right level of enjoyment. Hike organizers are all WMC members and volunteers. Please give them your support and appreciation. Follow the links on this page to learn more about hiking with the WMC.

See you on the trail - Nancy and Michele

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Some of the upcoming activities:

 2019-08-26 Draper Slow Paced Evening Hike NTD
 2019-08-27 Evening Hike: Katherine's Pass With The Sunset Peak Option NTD+
 2019-08-28 Evening Hike: Mineral Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD+
 2019-08-28 Slow Paced Evening Hike Salt Lake Overlook NTD
 2019-08-29 Evening Hike: Lambs Canyon, From The Parley's Side NTD+
4 days  2019-08-30 Exploratory Ridgeline And Summit Day Hikes In Yellowstone MSD
3 days  2019-08-31 Great Basin National Park Car Camp MSD
 2019-08-31 Relaxed Pace Hike Desolation Trail Head To Salt Lake Overlook NTD
 2019-09-01 Day Hike - Box Elder Peak & More In South Of South Willow Canyon (not In Af) MOD+
 2019-09-02 Day Hike- Deseret Peak MOD+
 2019-09-03 Evening Hike: Circle All Peak NTD+
 2019-09-04 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Mill Creek Canyon NTD+
 2019-09-04 Evening Hike - Hidden Valley Park: Relaxed Paced - Prompt 6 Pm Departure NTD
 2019-09-05 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD+
 2019-09-05 Evening Hike - Snake Creek Pass - Earlier Start Time NTD
8 days  2019-09-06 Yellowstone Car Camp MOD-
3 days  2019-09-06 Day Hike/borah Peak/idaho MSD
 2019-09-07 Day Hike - Francis Peak To Thurston Peak Ridge Hike MOD+
 2019-09-07 Organizer's Choice Hike In Emigration Canyon NTD+
 2019-09-07 Day Hike - Cardiff Fork - Relaxed Pace NTD
7 days  2019-09-08 Great Basin Fence Removal And Car Camp MOD
 2019-09-08 Day Hike - Hoyt Peak In The Uintas MOD
 2019-09-09 Slow Paced Draper Evening Hike NTD
 2019-09-10 Evening Hike: Willow Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD+
 2019-09-11 Evening Hike: Old Red-pine Road Trail, Mill Creek Canyon NTD+
 2019-09-11 Slow-paced Evening Hike Dog Lake NTD
 2019-09-12 Evening Hike: Pole Line Pass, Little Cottonwood Canyon NTD+
 2019-09-12 Evening Hike - Willow Lake - Earlier Start Time NTD
 2019-09-14 Hole In The Mountain, Nevada Hike MSD
 2019-09-14 Duke Mountain From Box Canyon (uintas) Day Hike MSD-
 2019-09-15 Day Hike - Spanish Fork Peak (moved From June 8) MSD-
 2019-09-15 Hike From Grandeur To Murdock EXT
 2019-09-15 Day Hike: Clayton Peak MOD-
 2019-09-15 Day Hike Elbow Fork - Millcreek Canyon NTD
 2019-09-16 Slow Paced Draper Evening Hike NTD
 2019-09-17 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD+
 2019-09-18 Evening Hike: The "maybe We'll Get Down After Dark But Who Cares" Evening Hike NTD+
 2019-09-19 Evening Hike: Salt Lake Overlook, End Of Season Evening Social NTD
 2019-09-21 Wildcat Ridge Day Hike EXT
 2019-09-21 Day Hike - Bald Mt & South Big Mt Via Big Mt Pass MOD
 2019-09-21 National Public Lands Day Service Hike, Trailwork In Your Bones NTD
 2019-09-22 Day Hike - North Timpanogos (moved From July 28) MSD
 2019-09-22 Hike Lone Peak Via Cherry Canyon EXT
 2019-09-23 Slow Pace Draper Evening Hike NTD
 2019-09-24 Evening Hike: Alexander Basin, Mill Creek Canyon NTD+
 2019-09-25 Evening Hike - Relaxed Pace - Lower Bells Reservoir And Beyond NTD
 2019-09-26 Evening Hike - Mt Aire NTD+
 2019-09-28 Hike Mt Nebo-rescheduled From 2018 Fire And Snow Cancellation
 2019-09-29 Wild Kitten Day Hike MSD-
 2019-09-30 End Of Summer Relaxed Pace Draper Evening Hike And Post-hike Social NTD
 2019-10-12 Day Hike - Butler Fork To Circle Awl To Dog Lake Loop MOD
 2019-10-19 Day Hike - Ben Lomond Via Skyline Trail In North Ogden MSD-

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