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Trip Reports - Boating

Trip Reports - Boating
Title Author Category Date
beginner white water rafting trip - swasey's beach, green river Shane Andrus boating 2019-05-17
rafting san juan river, sand island to clay hills Arnold Tran boating 2019-05-07
black canyon canoeing trip, colorado river below hoover dam Tom Hamann boating 2019-04-04
beginner whitewater training trip-- moab daily Heidi DeMartis boating 2018-05-18
kayak/canoe - canyonlands nat. park Kathy Jones boating 2018-05-06
kayaking colorado river ruby horsethief class ii Gretchen Siegler boating 2017-10-13
kayak/canoe - jackson lake/grand teton nat. park Kathy Jones boating 2017-08-28
stillwater canyon Kathy Jones boating 2017-04-28
meander canyon - colorado river october 2016 Kathy Jones boating 2016-10-08
leigh lake august 2016 Kathy Jones boating 2016-08-05
july 2016 leigh lake Kathy Jones boating 2016-07-22
kayak/canoe san juan (sand island to mexican hat) John Schwed boating 2016-05-03
meander canyon - colorado river Kathy Jones boating 2016-04-29
white water rafting- canyonlands Bruce Richardson boating 2015-09-22
kayak/canoe-leigh lake, grand teton national park Kathy Jones boating 2015-07-31
kayaking upper san juan class ii Wanda Gayle boating 2015-04-02
paddling on the great salt lake -- multi-sport weekend Da Yang Wipfel boating 2014-10-04
kayak/canoe grand teton national park Pam Stalnaker boating 2014-08-21
canoeing on-water training Pam Stalnaker boating 2014-04-19
paddling san juan- april 8-12 Wanda Gayle boating 2014-04-08
yampa river, white water rafting, 5 days Carl Harline boating 2013-06-11
canoeing black canyon - part deux Rob Jones boating 2012-03-08
kayak/canoe stansbury lake Laron Huddleston boating 2009-11-01
main salmon Don Urrizaga boating 2009-06-17
main salmon Steve Sprowles boating 2008-06-27
paddling class Marilyn Smith boating 2008-04-12
canoe black canyon, colorado river Marjorie Gendler boating 2008-03-13
canoeing 101 Marilyn Smith boating 2007-04-14

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