WMC Activity Calendar for January, 2007
Mobile Device Version

 2007-01-01 Alpine Ski Tour Redbird Ski/ride MOD+
 2007-01-01 Snowshoe Late-morning New Year 'shoo MOD
 2007-01-02 Snowshoe Park City Environs MOD
 2007-01-04 Snowshoe The Cottonwoods MOD-
 2007-01-06 Snowshoe Silver Fork NTD
 2007-01-06 Snowshoe Days Fork Or Greens Basin NTD TURTLE
 2007-01-06 Snowshoe Birthday Girl's Choice MOD
 2007-01-07 Alpine Ski Tour Break Into The Backcountry - Mill D NTD
 2007-01-07 Snowshoe Alexander Spring NTD TURTLE
 2007-01-07 Snowshoe Days Fork To The 2nd Meadow NTD+
 2007-01-07 Snowshoe Scotts Pass Briskly MOD
 2007-01-07 Snowshoe Afternoon In The Wasatch NTD
 2007-01-09 Snowshoe Park City Environs MOD
 2007-01-11 Boating Permit Party ALL
 2007-01-11 Snowshoe The Cottonwoods MOD-
 2007-01-13 Snowshoe Rattlesnake Gulch In Millcreek NTD TURTLE
 2007-01-13 Snowshoe Maybird Gulch MOD
 2007-01-13 Hike Antelope Island NTD
 2007-01-13 Social Annual Wmc Awards Banquet
 2007-01-13 Backcountry Ski Backcountry: Organizers Choice MOD
 2007-01-14 Snowshoe Catherine's Pass From Albion Basin NTD
 2007-01-14 Snowshoe The Cottonwoods Organizer's Choice MOD
 2007-01-14 Snowshoe Afternoon Organizer's Choice Snowstroll NTD
 2007-01-14 Backcountry Ski Upper Days Fork: MOD
 2007-01-15 Ski Tour Red Pine Canyon To South Fork Weber River Traverse (uintas): MOD
 2007-01-16 Snowshoe Park City Environs MOD - MSD
 2007-01-16 Backcountry Ski Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club MOD+
 2007-01-18 Snowshoe The Cottonwoods MOD-
 2007-01-20 Snowshoe Big Cottonwood Organizer's Choice NTD
 2007-01-20 Snowshoe Broads Fork To The Meadow MOD
 2007-01-20 Snowshoe Organizer's Choice MOD
 2007-01-20 Snowshoe 3rd Annual Lone Peak Winter Ascent MSD
 2007-01-20 Backcountry Ski Big Cottonwood To Millcreek MOD
 2007-01-20 Backcountry Ski Yoyo Ski Tour MOD
 2007-01-21 Turtle Snowshoe Days Fork NTD TURTLE
 2007-01-21 Snowshoe Red Pine Trail To The Maybird Bridge NTD
 2007-01-21 Snowshoe Maybird Lakes Or Broads Fork MOD
 2007-01-21 Snowshoe Days Fork - Fast Pace MOD
 2007-01-21 Snowshoe Afternoon In Mill Creek NTD
 2007-01-21 Backcountry Ski Tom's Hill: MOD-
 2007-01-23 Snowshoe Park City Environs MOD - MSD
 2007-01-25 Snowshoe The Cottonwoods MOD-
 2007-01-26 Backcountry Ski Free-heel Fridays MOD+
 2007-01-27 Ski From Spruces MOD
 2007-01-27 Snowshoe White Fir Pass NTD
 2007-01-27 Snowshoe Park City Environs: Bear Hollow Trails NTD+
 2007-01-27 Snowshoe Big Cottonwood - Mineral Fork MOD
 2007-01-27 Snowshoe Little Cottonwood - White Pine Lake MOD
 2007-01-27 Backcountry Ski Intro Backcountry Ski Trip: Organizer's Choice MOD-
 2007-01-28 Turtle Snowshoe East Canyon Towards Affleck Park NTD TURTLE
 2007-01-28 Snowshoe Dog Lake Or Popular Vote NTD
 2007-01-28 Snowshoe Rudy's Flats From North Canyon MOD-
 2007-01-28 Snowshoe Organizer's Choice MOD
 2007-01-28 Mod Ski Tour MOD
 2007-01-30 Snowshoe Park City Environs MOD