backpack hike rainbow plateau backpack - April 21, 2007

This is a seven night backpack in the eastern Rainbow Plateau north of the northern flanks of Navajo Mountain. We will start at the eastern trailhead of the North Rainbow Trail and finish either at Rainbow Bridge, with a boat ride to Page, or we will do a loop hike. Other than our end point, our mostly off-trail route is definite and will follow natural passages and take us through Nasja, Lehi, Anasazi, and Moepitz canyons, to name a few. Our time will be spent both in these very beautiful canyons as well as on the exquisite ridges in between them as we negotiate our way into each canyon in a general westerly direction. Our water supply should be excellent in late April and the temperatures should be in the low 80's. I did this ramble last in 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I'm going back for more. If you're interested but not familiar with Rainbow Country, then you may want to look at my photos from 2005 at We will backpack no more than 8 miles per day. Every day will afford opportunities for side hikes, which cannot be missed, considering the sights in store for us! Even though our daily backpacking mileage is relatively low, this hike is strenuous as there is significant elevation gain and loss almost every day. All hikers will share the Navajo backcountry permit fee and any shuttle fees if we use such services. The exact start and end time and date of the walking portion of our trip is TBD, but count on consuming all of the 9 days listed for the entire trip, including drive time.

Organizer:Tom Veto
Date:Sat Apr 21 2007 — Sun Apr 29 2007
Meeting Place:Registration Required

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