day hike the beatout - June 2, 2007

MOUNTAINEERING / SCRAMBLE / DAY HIKE: So, did I hear you say that you've always wanted to do the granddaddy of spring consolidated-snow hiking and ridge scrambling, The Beatout? Well, kids, today's the day. This day long adventure is offered only once a year. The route begins at the White Pine trailhead, goes by the Red Pine lakes, and up to the summit of the Pfeifferhorn. It then continues west along the ridge at the head of Hogum Fork to the summits of Chipman Peak and South Thunder Mountain. From there we descend Bell's Canyon. It's been done in as little as eight hours but figure that 12 or 13 hours is more likely. You will need to bring an ice axe and know how to use it. You had better be in top physical condition too. An early start and car shuttle are required. Call or email Walt Haas (534-1262 or to register. If you haven't done The Beatout before, be prepared to tell Walt what you do to stay in shape, and how well you handle exposed rock scrambling. Limit: 9.

Organizer:Walt Haas
Date:Sat Jun 2 2007
Meeting Place:Registration Required

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