snow caving ski snow caving/camping - March 1, 2007

Plan to get off work a little early Thursday afternoon (2:00) and head up the mountain at 3:00. After digging the caves, when we are wet and tired and cold (which we will be), we come back home for a warm dinner and a hot shower. Then Friday afternoon, we will go back up and move in, the work all done; kick back, cook dinner, and after a moonlight ski or snowshoe, sit around the fire with hot drinks, and watch the stars or perhaps, the snow fall. We will get together one evening before we go, on Thursday Feb 22, at 7:00, at my house, to plan and talk about technique and equipment, pair up teams, and coordinate transportation. For those who are either unavailable Thursday or are just unwilling to put in the hard work for a warm snow cave experience, you can still join our winter camp Friday and tent it, with the understanding that your tent may be 30 degrees colder than the snow cave. If this insanity sounds like something you'd be interested in, drop me a note. It's not actually that death defying--I have been doing this with scouts for 25 years and haven't lost anyone yet, despite my best efforts.

Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Thu Mar 1 2007 — Sat Mar 3 2007
Meeting Place:TBD
Meeting Time:12:00:00 am