backpack hike yellowstone backpack • 6 days

There has been a change in the route for my Yellowstone backpack, as the Park Service didn't give me a reservation for my proposed Bechler River-Shoshone Lake trip. Instead, we'll be doing about a 35-mile backpack starting at the Canyon Village area and finishing at the Pelican Creek trailhead east of Fishing Bridge. The route will take us to Wapiti Lake, and then along Astringent Creek and Pelican Creek valley. We'll spend at least one and possibly two days day hiking to and exploring some remote thermal areas north of Wapiti Lake. Access to those areas will require some cross-country travel. This trip is MOD owing to the distance and the cross country travel. Elevation gain/loss is minimal. Limit: 8

Organizer:Richard Jirik
Date:Sat Sep 8 2007 — Thu Sep 13 2007
Meeting Place:Registration Required

This activity is being organized by a Wasatch Mountain Club member.