mountaineering, box elder peak - December 20, 2009

Box Elder Peak from Alpine trek (no technical climbing gear required). 5500 vertical feet, 9 miles. This route is mostly avalanche free as it follows various ridges. Most of the route will involve snowshoeing (last weekend there was up to 3 feet of fresh powder) and trekking polls. Summit ridge will require crampons and alpine axe. Winter mountaineering experience is required, as well as all the gear tested under similar conditions. Instead of defining pace as moderate or fast which is a very subjective measure, I prefer units that do not leave any doubt as to what they mean. Minimum ascent rate of 1000ft/hr will be required under the expected conditions (this roughly translates to half the speed under optimal summer conditions). This trek will suit those who like a good workout while enjoying nature in it's winter environment. Start from a trailhead at 7 am, on the summit around noon, back at the latest by 5pm. Meeting at 6:30 at Smith's marketplace on Highland hwy. Registration is required.

Organizer:Greg Orzechowski
Date:Sun Dec 20 2009
Meeting Place:Registration required