boating yampa river service trip - June 26, 2009

Yampa Service Trip Opportunity - The National Park Service has offered WMC members the opportunity to conduct a 7 day service trip on the Yampa. Participation is limited to nine, selected from all those interested and qualified. This is a unique opportunity to float the river for an extended period (most permit trips are only 4 days) and dramatically increase your knowledge of fish habitat issues. Launch June 26, take out July 2. No float or shuttle fees involved. Interested boaters should contact Dudley McIlhenny at 801 733-7740 ( or Gerrish Willis at 801-278-8975 ( to discuss expectations and commitments.

Level:Class III
Organizer:Dudley McIlhenny
Date:Fri Jun 26 2009 — Thu Jul 2 2009
Meeting Place:Registration required