climbing city of rocks - June 26, 2009

Come play with Clark and Holley at a climber's Mecca. Contact the above reprobates for more information. Bring your own food and drink....except for SATURDAY night (if you choose) Holley will be cooking a mexican buffet w/ or w/out meat. Call for more information. BRING YOUR OWN ROPE/GEAR AND KNOW WHO YOUR CLIMBING PARTNER(S) WILL BE BEFORE YOU LEAVE. This will not be a club sponsored top rope event as COR is not conducive to top roping for groups. We have a group campsite at The Bread Loaves. Group camp fee (& buffet for those eating) to be shared amongst attendees. Call for further details.

Organizer:Clark and Holley Richards
Phone:801-554-9864 or 801.554.1125
Date:Fri Jun 26 2009 — Sun Jun 28 2009
Meeting Place:Registration required