halloween canyoneering - October 30, 2009

I know that some of you are still kids, and think that Halloween is an actual holiday, and have made plans, there are lots of things going on this weekend. Some of you have rug rats of your own, and they definitely have plans. But that is no reason to retire for the weekend for an overdose of football, Halloween candy, or hideous Rush masks (the horror). It can be either frosty and cold, or sunny, warm and beautiful, the season calls for keeping an eye on the weather, but I propose to head south and do a couple of canyons; the wet and wonderous Black Hole, and the marvelous technical and ruin strewn Cheesebox. A great opportunity for a few good canyon experienced men (and women), who might be interested in doing an end-around on the candy desperate hordes, and heading south to play in the sun for the weekend. Plan to head out Friday afternoon (the 30th), and come home Sunday evening. A full wet suit is required.

Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Fri Oct 30 2009 — Sun Nov 1 2009
Meeting Place:Registration required
Web Link:http://www.climb-utah.com/CM/cheesebox.htm,