7 hills of park city road bike - August 13, 2010

This ride is just like a yo-yo: you go up, go down; go up, go down. Seven times, and all within the city limits. You are never more than a few miles from the starting point, if you decide to bail before all 7 climbs are completed. Some hills are gentle, some steep; some short, some long - something for everyone! Don't be afraid of hills...I am slow slow on them, come join me at the back of the pack. We'll regroup at the top of each hill. Call before coming up or check your email if the weather looks iffy.

Organizer:Cheryl Soshnik
Date:Fri Aug 13 2010
Meeting Place:Park City Library (1255 Park Ave, Park City, UT)
Meeting Time:9:00 am
Carpool Place:Parleys Way Walmart lot (2725 E Parleys Way, Salt Lake City, UT)
Carpool Time:8:00 am