alpine ski tour - camping - bear river range - January 16, 2010

If you want to go camping at a time when the hordes of people and bugs are at there absolute minimum, winter is the time to go. We will be going to the Mount Naomi Wilderness where the snow is plentiful, the number of BC travelers is almost zero, and snowmobiles are not allowed. There is only one downside, the long approach, that is why we will be camping. Depending on snow stability, we will be going up High Creek or Cherry Creek. We will meet early in SLC on Saturday and carpool to the trailhead. We will travel in, set up camp, and then get a few turns in. On Sunday we have all day to explore the vast area and maybe summit a peak or two. Monday (MLK holiday) we will see how the group feels, maybe ski some, and then return home. I will be bringing a 4 season tent, we will all share the load, and pre-plan meals. Plan on 6 miles to camp, and around 5000 ft per day.

Route:Out & Back
Organizer:Michael Moody
Date:Sat Jan 16 2010 — Mon Jan 18 2010
Meeting Place:Registration required