white water rafting, yampa service trip - June 27, 2010

We have the opportunity to, once again, float the Yampa under the auspices of the National Park Service. The put in is Sunday, June 27 with a take out at split mountain on Saturday, July 3. This is a service trip which involves a significant amount of work in the removal of tamarisk from the river banks. Best to think about it as a work trip with a little floating rather than a float trip with a little work. (It's not unusual for us to start work as early as seven and not knock off until dinner.) The top ten reasons to go on this trip: 10. get a free weed warrior tee shirt. 9. all expenses are tax deductible. 8. we usually camp in sites that are not available to the public. 7. the park service provides the shuttle. 6. you do GREAT work to support the restoration of fish breeding habitat. 5. opportunity to work with tools you may never have seen before. 4. it's a 7 day trip with the normal 4 day limit. 3. does NOT count against your floating the yampa/green on a private trip at some other point this year. 2. no permit or application fees. 1. the park service carries the groover. Due to the need to carry a fair amount of equipment, we need large rafts/cats for the trip. And be prepared for work. A physical exam may be required prior to being accepted. For information, contact last year's co-organizers: Gerrish Willis at (801) 278-8975, email at ggwillis@yahoo.com or Dudley McIlhenny at 801=733-7740, email at dudley.mcilhenny@gmail.com.

Level:Class III
Organizer:Dudley McIlhenny
Date:Sun Jun 27 2010 — Sat Jul 3 2010
Meeting Place:Registration required