basic canyoneering skills workshop - September 25, 2010

Whether you want to learn new skills, or just want to practice in a canyoneering friendly environment, this will be a good opportunity. Ascending, self rescue, passing a knot, on rappel and or ascending, and basic knots will be covered. Participants will need a harness, carabiner and rappel device, along with a helmet if you are planning on getting off the ground. Plus any other gear you need for what you want to do- if you want to learn to ascend you should have a couple of ascending devices or rope grabs of one kind or another. If you don't have any such devices or are not sure what they even are, i will bring an assortment for you to try and learn with. Please preregister, i do not want to get too large a group.

Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Sat Sep 25 2010
Meeting Place:Dogwood wall, just up canyon of the Dogwood Picnic area, 1 mile up BCC. Park on the road and walk up canyon through the picnic area, 50 yards past the last table. Or park up canyon opposite the wall and rock hop the creek.
Meeting Time:9:00 am