white water rafting - san rafael river - March 16, 2011

Self-support Duckie Adventure Generally rafted in two sections, the San Rafael River springs from Joe's Valley Reservoir and meanders its way through incredibly scenic forests and canyons. This is a river that has something for everyone. The Upper San Rafael is a calmer run, offering small rapids and boulder gardens ideal for honing one's skill for larger rapids. A Class I - II 20 mile stretch, it runs from Fuller Bottom to San Rafael Campground and includes a float through an area locally known as the "Little Grand Canyon". A wonderful trip for families or individuals just starting out and wanting to improve their rafting skills. The Lower San Rafael has a bit more bite to it, upping the ante from a Class I float just below the Campgrounds, into a Class III - V through the two Box Canyons as the canyon walls narrow considerably. Known for their intense waters and absolutely spectacular scenery, the canyons known as Black Box 1 and Black Box 2 offer up Class III - IV waters, with the Class V consequence given for technical difficulty, isolated location of the canyons, and problems that arise when rafters should be portaging and not paddling. The Canyons themselves can each take a day to raft, due to portaging and the time it takes to do so, but there is a flat float between canyons ideal for camping overnight. This is a run for those who want to experience near-steep creek boating in Utah. Contact Steve to register and for exact dates.

Level:Class II
Organizer:Steve Pace
Date:Wed Mar 16 2011 — Fri Mar 18 2011
Meeting Place:Registration required