kayak/canoe - dirty devil - March 31, 2011

Self-support Duckie Adventure. Starting near Hanksville, Utah at the confluence of the Fremont River and Muddy Creek, the Dirty Devil winds its way to Lake Powell, reaching it near Hite Marina. By road it is only 42 miles from Hanksville to the takeout. But a canoe trip following the many bends and meanders is about 76 miles. The real attractions of the Dirty Devil are the many side canyons. The first major one is the wide Robbers Roost Canyon and its many tributaries, which cut through Navajo sandstone. Further south, No Mans Canyon is dominated by the Kayenta formation. Larry Canyon, Twin Corral Box, and Sams Mesa Box have Wingate walls. And finally, you pass Happy, Hatch and Fiddler Cove canyons. All of these tributaries come from the east. Only one major canyon, Poison Springs, comes from the west. Contact Steve for actual dates.

Level:Class II
Organizer:Steve Pace
Date:Thu Mar 31 2011 — Wed Apr 6 2011
Meeting Place:Registration required