white water rafting - beginner's trip - green river daily - May 13, 2011

Everyone is welcome on this popular, fun, and educational weekend where we introduce you to river-running. Experienced people share skills and safety techniques. There will be paddle boats, an oar rig, and inflatable kayaks which you can try out (hopefully some canoeist and kayakers will also join us). The Green River flows through Gray's canyon just north of the town of Green River. It is about a 5 hour river run, with easy to mildly challenging rapids - perfect for beginners. Skills include learning to read the river, personal safety, river rescue, water fights, cooking with the club's river kitchen, and eating better on the river than in your own home. The trip cost is usually under $100, which includes transportation, food, and equipment - a great deal! Typically WMC river trip organizers require a novice to have been on at least one previous WMC river trip so here's your chance to gain experience. The group leaves Salt Lake Friday afternoon and returns early Sunday evening (plan on taking a half day of vacation). The mandatory planning meeting will be at 7pm Monday May 9th at the boat shed. Call or email Bret or Lori (801-424-2338, arivergoddess@yahoo.com) if you have questions or to sign up.

Level:Class III
Organizer:Bret Mathews
Date:Fri May 13 2011 — Sun May 15 2011
Meeting Place:Boat Shed - 4340 S 300 W (4340 Commerce Dr, Murray, UT)
Meeting Time:1:00 pm
Web Link:Map to the Boating Shed