WMC Activity Calendar for September, 2012
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3 days  2012-09-01 Boulder Open Weekend Car Camp
 2012-09-01 Hike: Devil's Castle MSD-
 2012-09-01 Road Bike: Rainbow Gardens MOD
 2012-09-01 Hike Brighton Lakes NTD+
 2012-09-01 Cancel Hike: White Pine Cancel MOD
 2012-09-02 Hike Mt. Superior/ Monte Cristo MSD
 2012-09-02 Day Hike, Brighton Lakes NTD
 2012-09-03 Annual Labor Day Deseret Peak Hike MOD+
 2012-09-03 Draper Evening Hike NTD
 2012-09-03 Road Bike: Double Loop MOD
 2012-09-04 Fourth Annual "maybe We'll Get Down After Dark But Who Cares" Evening Hike NTD
 2012-09-05 Evening Exploratory Hike To The Living Room NTD
 2012-09-05 Road Bike: Jordan River Parkway To Bluffdale, Return Via Trax At Daybreak MOD-
 2012-09-05 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2012-09-06 Evening Hike: Lake Blanche NTD
2 days  2012-09-07 Car Camp: Scudder Lake Area (uintas) NTD+
 2012-09-07 Morgan - East Canyon - Taggarts Road Bike MOD
 2012-09-08 Hike Hogum Divide Via Maybird Lakes MSD-
 2012-09-08 'quaint Trails' Hike NTD+
 2012-09-08 Day Hike To Island Lake And Big Elk Lake (western Uintas) MOD+
 2012-09-08 Road Bike: Sandy Area Morning Ride NTD
 2012-09-09 Mt Timpanogos Day Hike MSD
 2012-09-09 Road Bike: City Creek Canyon NTD+
 2012-09-09 Day Hike Mod+ Argenta - Carbonate Trails On Kessler MOD+
 2012-09-09 Slow Pace Upper Millcreek Dog Hike NTD
 2012-09-09 Day Hike Loop In Big Cottonwood Canyon
 2012-09-10 Draper Monday Evening Hike - Jacobs Ladder Approach NTD+
 2012-09-11 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Little Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2012-09-11 Rock Climb - Gate Area Redo MOD+
 2012-09-12 Road Bike: Wasatch Wednesdays: Farmington To Ogden Frontrunner Ride MOD
 2012-09-12 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2012-09-13 Evening Dog Hike: Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2012-09-13 Movie Night
 2012-09-13 Evening Hike: Woib's Choice, Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2012-09-13 Social: Utah Avalanche Center Fundraising Party
5 days  2012-09-14 Yellowstone Backpack MOD
3 days  2012-09-14 Rock Climb - City Of Rocks MOD+
 2012-09-14 Road Bike: Tgif And Potluck MOD-
 2012-09-14 Backside Friday Road Bike: Henefer - Croydon - Coalville - Wanship MOD
3 days  2012-09-14 Canyoneering Davis Gulch Exploratory MOD
8 days  2012-09-15 Grand Teton Car Camp MOD
 2012-09-15 Slow Pace Hike - Elbow Fork To The Terraces Via The Pipeline Trail NTD
 2012-09-15 Hike - Neff's Wildcat Loop MOD+
 2012-09-15 Natural History Museum 'explore The Trails Festival' Hike To The Living Room NTD
 2012-09-16 Road Bike: Fairfield MOD
 2012-09-16 Day Hike - Sunrise Peak & Dromedary Peak MSD
 2012-09-16 Natural History Museum 'explore The Trails' Hike To The Living Room
 2012-09-16 Grandeur Peak From Church Fork Day Hike MOD-
 2012-09-17 Draper Monday Evening Hike - One Hour Rock NTD+
 2012-09-18 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2012-09-18 Road Bike: Tuesday Tour: Huntsville-ogden Valley Ride MOD-
 2012-09-19 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Little Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2012-09-20 End Of Season Evening Hike And Pot Luck NTD
 2012-09-20 Rock Climb - Challenge Buttress MOD-
 2012-09-21 Bbq Potluck And Sing-a-long At Judene Shelley's Home
 2012-09-21 Gallery Stroll Social
 2012-09-21 Park City Fall Colors Road Bike MOD-
 2012-09-22 Slow Pace Hike - Dog Lake From Big Cottonwood Via Mill D North NTD
 2012-09-22 Road Bike: Oktoberfest & Shakespeare Festival MSD
 2012-09-22 Faint Trails Hike MOD
 2012-09-22 Hike: Butler West Branch To Mill B North MOD
 2012-09-22 Lodge Fund Raising Dinner
 2012-09-22 Day Hike Park City Environs And Scott's Peak MOD+
 2012-09-23 Deaf Smith Canyon Hike MOD+
 2012-09-23 Day Hike To Millvue Peak Mod MOD-
 2012-09-24 Final Draper Monday Evening Hike - Traverse Ridge Loop NTD+
7 days  2012-09-24 Backpack Escalante Canyons MOD
 2012-09-25 Postponed Family Hike - Doughnut Falls NTD
 2012-09-26 Road Bike: Big Cottonwood Canyon Color Ride MOD
 2012-09-27 Rock Climb - Gate Buttress MOD
 2012-09-28 Road Bike: Alpine Loop Fall Colors Ride MOD
 2012-09-29 Rock Climb - Tradapalooza At Lizard Head Wall MOD-
 2012-09-29 Hike: Bcc Super Loop MSD
 2012-09-29 Hike Lake Blanche MOD
 2012-09-29 Hiking Trail Development-new Bonneville Shoreline Trail
 2012-09-29 Relaxed Pace Hike Up Bear Trap NTD+
 2012-09-30 Moonlight Hike: Autumn Full Moon NTD
 2012-09-30 Hike - Mountain Mystics NTD
 2012-09-30 Day Bright Hike MOD
 2012-09-30 Settebello's Sunday Social Road Bike NTD
 2012-09-30 Mountain Bikers + Friends Annual Mormon Trail Bbq
 2012-09-30 Settebello Sunday Social Pizza Road Bike Ride NTD+