biking meeting/social: flat tire repair - August 15, 2012

Flat tire repair is a skill every cyclist should master and this clinic will show you how. We'll remove a wheel from off a bike, break-down the tire-tube and put it all back together. We'll discuss the interrelationships of tires, tubes, rim strips, spoke nipples, stems and inflation devices because some combinations work better than others; in addition, we'll go over the basic tools and supplies riders should carry on their bike, and review simple but important precautions cyclists can take to minimize the chances they will flat. Join me in Meeting Room C at the new Millcreek Community Center located at 2266 East Evergreen Avenue (3435 South) in Salt Lake City at 6:30pm. Come early if you'd like to socialize or grab a meal from the center's cafe before the clinic starts.

Organizer:Elliott Mott
Date:Wed Aug 15 2012
Meeting Place:Millcreek Community Center, 2266 East Evergreen Avenue (3455 South), Salt Lake City
Meeting Time:6:30 pm