road bike: tour of utah - August 7, 2012

Watch the Tour of Utah, "the world's first major professional stage race that follows the Tour de France and the 2012 Olympic Games," from the top of Trappers Loop. The top of Trappers should be a great viewing location. You will be able to see the riders summit and then begin their descent into the valley. Riders are expected to summit between 2:00pm and 2:30pm on their way back to Ogden. After the riders summit, you can drive from there to catch the finish in Ogden. Estimated finish time is 3:45pm on historic 25th Street in Ogden (near the Frontrunner station). Historic 25th Street has lots of great restaurants if people want to eat after the race. The old Snowbasin Road is fun to bike, if you want to bike on your own before watching the race. Send me an email if you plan on coming so we can look for you and watch as a group. The website does not list parking for that location, so we'll have to play that by ear. Snowbasin Ski Resort should have plenty of parking, but it's 3 miles in from Trappers Loop. Not sure if they'll allow parking along Snowbasin Road. They will be closing the Trappers Loop road for the race, so you'll have to allow plenty of time to get there early before the road closure. It's hard to say exactly when the road will close, but the website says they will be doing "rolling" closures which "may cause delays of up to twenty minutes at any point in the race." On Trappers, the delay will have to be longer than that. From the website The Tour of Utah is the world's first major professional stage race that follows the Tour de France and the 2012 Olympic Games. Many athletes who will have competed in these two pinnacle events will travel to Utah in August for our race. The Tour of Utah is free to all spectators and easily accessible to anyone who wants to catch the spirit of professional cycling. Trappers Loop: Check out a great spot to see two Ski Utah King of the Mountain climbs without moving an inch! Located on State Route 167, straddling Weber and Morgan Counties, the summit of Trappers Loop near the access road to Snowbasin Ski Resort is the spot. Climbers will fight for KOM points here at the summit, twice. Racers will summit the Category 3 climb at approximately 10:45am and again between 2:00-2:30pm on the way back to Ogden. Spectators can even follow the race down Trappers Loop after the second KOM and catch the finish on 25th Street. This can be done when the race heads east around Pineview Reservoir; spectators should head west down Ogden Canyon in order to get to the finish in time for the finish.

Organizer:Chris Karcher
Date:Tue Aug 7 2012
Meeting Place:Top of Trappers Loop at intersection with Snowbasin Road
Meeting Time:1:30 pm