road bike: provo frontrunner - December 8, 2012

This event is part train ride and part bike ride. UTA is launching its FrontRunner route to Provo and offering a free ride day on Saturday December 8th. So, our itinerary is to take advantage of this promotion and ride UTA's FrontRunner train to Provo, do a bike ride around the area, and then ride FrontRunner back to Salt Lake. Our bike ride from Provo will be subject to weather conditions; if roads are clear the plan is to spin up Hobble Creek Canyon, have lunch, and then do a short loop around Provo. Hobble Creek is 39 miles and the Provo Loop is 16 miles. Lunch will be at approximately the 33 mile mark. If the weather is ugly we will not ride far. Meet Elliott (801-969-2846) at UTA's Salt Lake Central Station parking lot located at 330 South 600 West at 9:30am. The train ride between Salt Lake and Provo is listed as being 54 minutes, and UTA IS ASKING EVERYONE TO DONATE A CAN OF FOOD AS THEIR FARE, so please bring bring a can unless you prefer to pay the fare. Please don't be late as we all need to be on the first train.

Organizer:Elliott Mott
Date:Sat Dec 8 2012
Meeting Place:UTA's Central Station parking lot at 330 South 600 West in Salt Lake.
Meeting Time:9:30 am