white water - swiftwater rescue training - May 5, 2012

Swiftwater Rescue course, offered and instructed by Nate Ostis from Wilderness Rescue International out of McCall Idaho, May 5-6 on the Provo River. Cost $240/person. The WMC will pay half, up to a limited number, and you will be responsible for the remaining $120. Participants will be required to pay a $50 deposit in advance. Sign up now by sending me an email and deposit. Nate Ostis' own words: May 5-6, Provo River ($240/person), Swiftwater Rescue 16 hour curriculum; "Swiftwater Rescue Certification: All participants in attendance will receive a laminated certification card. Our courses are emphasized as Challenge by Choice. Participants always have the option of stepping out of any activity that feels like it is beyond their comfort zone. There are many different roles to played in many different skill sessions and scenarios such that some participants may not find themselves choosing to do in-water elements but rather on-shore support/back-up/rope work/anchor building/system design/communication/incident commander/etc. Physical Requirements: Participants should be in good physical condition and have moderate swimming ability. They should be prepared to endure 2-3 full days of rigorous activity in challenging temperatures. As a simple test, they should be able to jog a mile in less than 15 minutes, do 20 push-ups in 2 minutes, and 40 crunches in one minute. These parameters are arbitrary in nature but can give participants a sense of their overall physical condition. Additionally, I will serve as a coach to all participants to help them identify personal boundaries and limitations. Risk Management is a culture, not a checklist, and this powerful theme of prevention will be heavily integrated throughout the course progression. Anyone having concerns is more than welcome to contact our main office for discussion. Anyone experiencing apprehensions about taking a swiftwater rescue course should be praised for having fear and respect for a very dangerous environment. We're suppose to nervous and scared before entering into an active avalanche that is a river. Insurance: Participants need to have adequate health insurance coverage. Nate Ostis; Wilderness Rescue International; PO Box 2227 McCall, Idaho 83638 (208) 630.4221 nate@wilderness-rescue.com Wilderness-Rescue.com

Level:Class III
Organizer:Don Urrizaga
Date:Sat May 5 2012 — Sun May 6 2012
Meeting Place:Registration required