road bike: tuesday tour: huntsville-ogden valley ride - September 18, 2012

We'll start at Huntsville Town Park, ride around Pineview Reservoir and pedal up to Liberty. From there, we'll do a little optional exploring on roads to the northwest. When we're done with that, we'll head for Eden and back to Huntsville, taking a little side jaunt on a couple of roads we haven't used before. Next, we'll do an optional leg up to Causey Dam. On the way back, we'll stop at the monastery (always a pleasant respite) and return via back roads to the start. After we're back, let's have lunch at the Huntsville Barbecue Company. A couple of our riders highly recommend it. Note: This is a gentle ride, with two exceptions, both optional. It is mostly flat with gentle rises (1-2 percent) and a few easy rollers, except for two real hills which you can skip if you want. If you want to ride everything, you can get 59 miles in. On the other hand, you can skip the two hills and still do about 55 miles, or shorten the ride to as few as 34 miles by skipping all of the exploratory part in Liberty and the leg to Causey Dam. I'm planning on about 50 miles or so myself. This will be a social ride; we'll stop to regroup several times along the way to make sure everyone is okay and nobody gets lost.

Organizer:Robert Turner
Date:Tue Sep 18 2012
Meeting Place:West side of Huntsville Town Park, 250 S 7400 E, Huntsville. Get there via I-84 and over Trapper's Loop, or up Ogden Canyon from Ogden. Link to a Google map of the location:
Meeting Time:10:00 am
Carpool Place:Central Park Community Center (250 E Claybourne Ave, South Salt Lake, UT)
Carpool Time:8:55 am
Web Link:Map of ride