WMC Activity Calendar for July, 2013
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 2013-07-01 Draper Evening Hike - Potato Hill to Anne's Trail NTD
 2013-07-02 Evening Hike: Greens Basin NTD
 2013-07-02 Hike: Mill D to Beartrap changed to Alta Tour MOD
 2013-07-02 Mountain Bike Park City MOD+
 2013-07-02 ROAD BIKE: Bald Mountain Pass From the Evanston side MOD+
3 days  2013-07-03 Day Hike, Midweek, Jarbidge Ridge Hike, Northern Nevada EXT
 2013-07-03 Evening Dog Hike: Mill Creek Canyon NTD
4 days  2013-07-04 July 4th White Water Rafting Party Class III
4 days  2013-07-04 Boulder UT July 4th Family Car Camp NTD
 2013-07-04 4th July Barbecue Potluck
 2013-07-04 July 4 Mountain Bike Ride at Strawberry Reservoir MOD
 2013-07-04 Hike: Brighton Lakes NTD+
 2013-07-04 Hike: Pot Peak (9776') from Porter Fork MOD+
 2013-07-04 Early Evening Hike: The Prince of Wales Mine NTD+
 2013-07-04 Road Bike: 4th of July Ride MOD
 2013-07-04 Lodge Open House and Free Hot Dogs!
 2013-07-05 Hike: Circle All Peak NTD+
3 days  2013-07-05 Rock Climb, Maple Canyon MOD
 2013-07-05 ROAD BIKE: CANCELED: no Backside Friday Ride today
 2013-07-06 Mt. Nebo Day Hike MOD+
 2013-07-06 Hike to Sugarloaf Pass and Possible Sugarloaf Summit NTD+
 2013-07-06 Slow Pace Hike - Mormon Pioneer Trail NTD+
 2013-07-07 Hike Catherine's Pass and Beyond MOD
 2013-07-07 RESCHEDULED: Hike Summer Beatout EXT
 2013-07-07 Hike: Twin Lakes via Lake Solitude NTD
 2013-07-08 River Trip Planing Meeting River Trip Planning Meeting for July 12 Split Mtn Trip
 2013-07-08 Draper Evening Hike - Burnham Loop Approach to Ghost Falls NTD
 2013-07-09 Mountain Bike Park City
 2013-07-09 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Albion Basin NTD
 2013-07-09 ROAD BIKE: Tuesday Tour: Wanship - Kamas Valley Loop MOD-
8 days  2013-07-10 White Water Rafting Main Salmon Class III
 2013-07-10 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2013-07-11 Evening Hike: Dog Lake from Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2013-07-11 Evening Dog Hike -- Millcreek Canyon NTD
 2013-07-11 Road Bike: Davis County Early Bird Special NTD+
3 days  2013-07-12 White Water Rafting Split Mtn Beginner Family Trip Class III
 2013-07-12 Friday Evening Family-Friendly Hike to Cecret Lake NTD
 2013-07-12 Road Bike: Backside Friday: Lost Creek Reservoir MOD
2 days  2013-07-13 Road Bike: Huntington Canyon and Scofield MOD+
 2013-07-13 Hike Lake Blanche MOD
 2013-07-13 Hike Upper Bells Reservoir MSD
 2013-07-13 'Quaint Trails' Hike - Probst Basin NTD+
 2013-07-14 Day Hike: South Willow Lake MOD
 2013-07-14 Hike Triangle Peak via Neff's MSD-
 2013-07-14 Hike: Lake Mary NTD
 2013-07-14 Mike Treshow Open House Memorial Social
 2013-07-14 Mountain Bike - Millcreek MOD+
 2013-07-14 Hike: Mt Majestic (Clayton Peak) MOD
 2013-07-15 Draper Evening Hike - Coyote Hollow Loop NTD
 2013-07-16 Mountain Bike Park City
 2013-07-16 Evening Hike: Lambs Canyon from Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2013-07-16 ROAD BIKE: East Side - West Side Loop MOD
 2013-07-17 Flat Water Evening On The Jordan River
 2013-07-17 Evening Hike: Willow Lake NTD
 2013-07-17 Evening Dog Hike: Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2013-07-18 Hike: Hidden Peak via Peruvian Gulch MOD
 2013-07-18 Evening Hike: Mineral Fork NTD
5 days  2013-07-18 Backpack - Fly Fishing - Yellowstone NP MOD
 2013-07-18 Rock Climb - Storm Mountain MOD+
 2013-07-19 Backside Friday Road Bike MOD
 2013-07-20 Slow Pace Hike Twin Lakes Pass From Brighton NTD
 2013-07-20 Alexander Basin/Gobblers/Bowman Loop Hike: Note Earlier Meeting Time MOD+
 2013-07-20 Hike Bell Canyon to Second Waterfall MOD
7 days  2013-07-21 Wilderness Volunteers Hiking Trail Maintenance in the La Sals
 2013-07-21 Day Hike: Pioneer Peak MOD
 2013-07-21 Day Hike - Uintas Exploratory to Naturalist Basin MOD+
 2013-07-21 Hike Sundial to Superior EXT
 2013-07-21 Lake Mary and Beyond Leisurely Hike NTD+
 2013-07-21 newcomer / beginner day hike willow lake NTD
 2013-07-21 Road Bike Ride to Lost Creek Reservoir MOD+
 2013-07-23 Dog Hike: Dog Lake NTD
 2013-07-23 Mountain Bike Park City
 2013-07-23 Evening Hike: Cecret Lake, Albion Basin NTD
 2013-07-23 ROAD BIKE: Early (sort of) Emigration Lollipop Ride MOD
7 days  2013-07-24 Rafting: Main Salmon River Multi Day Trip Class III
 2013-07-24 Evening Hike: Circle All Peak NTD
 2013-07-24 Road Bike: 24th of July Ride MOD
 2013-07-25 Evening Hike: Red Pine Trail NTD
 2013-07-25 Evening Dog Hike -- Millcreek Canyon NTD
 2013-07-25 Hike: Silver Fork Ridge MOD
 2013-07-25 Rock Climb, Ferguson Canyon MOD+
 2013-07-26 Wolf Creek Pass Road Bike MOD+
 2013-07-27 Dog Hike: Upper Millcreek Loop NTD+
 2013-07-27 'Quaint Trails' Hike - Matt's Basin NTD+
 2013-07-27 Hike: Red Pine Lake MOD
 2013-07-27 Hike Lone Peak from Alpine MSD
 2013-07-28 Day Hike: Mt. Aire NTD+
 2013-07-28 Hike - Mount Timpanogos MSD-
 2013-07-28 Hike: Bust Yer Buns For Brunch MOD
 2013-07-28 Road Bike: Midway, Woodland, Kamas Loop MOD
 2013-07-29 Draper Evening Hike - Elk Glen to Eagle Crest Trail NTD
 2013-07-30 Hike: Tuscarora-Wolverine from Brighton MOD
 2013-07-30 Mountain Bike Park City
 2013-07-30 Evening Hike: Katherine'Pass from Alta NTD
 2013-07-30 ROAD BIKE: Tuesday Tour: T B A
 2013-07-31 Exploratory Hike NTD+
 2013-07-31 Evening Hike: Twin Lakes Pass NTD