WMC Activity Calendar for October, 2013
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 2013-10-01 Road Bike: Alpine Loop MOD+
 2013-10-03 Shoulder Season Evening Hike - West Grandeur Slope NTD+
2 days  2013-10-04 Multiple Activity Weekend At Antelope Island - Friday Night Car Camp
 2013-10-04 Moonlight Hike: Autumn Moon Rising NTD
 2013-10-04 Canceled: Road Bike: Mountain Dell To Big Mountain MOD-
 2013-10-05 Multiple Sport Weekend At Antelope Island - Saturday Morning Hike
 2013-10-05 Multi-sport Antelope Island Social
 2013-10-05 Antelope Island - Saturday Afternoon Leisure Hike NTD
 2013-10-05 Multi-sport Weekend Afternoon Mountain Bike: Antelope Island Trails MOD
 2013-10-05 Multi-sport Weekend Afternoon Road Bike Show And Go Ride: Marina To Garr Ranch NTD
 2013-10-05 Faint Trails Hike - Mines And Mine Trails In Grizzly Gulch MOD
 2013-10-05 Flat Water Multi-sport At Antelope Island Flat Water
 2013-10-05 Multi-sport Weekend Morning Road Bike Ride: Antelope Island To Garr Ranch MOD
7 days  2013-10-06 Wilderness Volunteer Project-trail Restoration, Northern Nevada
 2013-10-06 Road Bike: Ogden MOD-
 2013-10-06 Hiking Trail Maintenance - Mount Olympus Traihead Clean Up
 2013-10-06 Hike - Butler Fork East To Reynolds Peak MOD
 2013-10-08 Road Bike: Antelope Island Ntd NTD
 2013-10-10 Shoulder Season Evening Hike - Bst Connection To Mount Olympus Trail
5 days  2013-10-10 Kayaking / Small Craft San Juan Class I
3 days  2013-10-11 Canyoneering 201 MOD+
 2013-10-11 Road Bike: City Creek Canyon NTD+
 2013-10-12 Boat Shed Closing Work Party
 2013-10-12 Organizers Choice Fall Hike MOD
 2013-10-12 Hike Killyon's Canyon NTD
 2013-10-12 Hiking Trail Maintenance-bonneville Shoreline Trail
 2013-10-12 Co-organized Slow Pace Hike To City Creek Twin Peaks NTD
 2013-10-12 Day Hike Loafer Mtn MOD
 2013-10-12 Road Bike: New Davis County Bike Path NTD
 2013-10-13 Road Bike: Sundance MOD+
 2013-10-13 Day Hike, Upper Millcreek Loop MOD+
 2013-10-13 Hike Diamond Fork Hot Springs NTD
 2013-10-13 Day Hike Spanish Fork Peak MSD-
 2013-10-14 Evening Hike - North Slope Approach To Jack's Mountain NTD+
 2013-10-15 Road Bike: Emigration Canyon NTD+
 2013-10-17 Evening Hike - Dragon's Tail Below Grandeur MOD-
 2013-10-18 Harvest Full Moon Hike With A Rocky Horror Twist NTD
 2013-10-18 Pot Luck Dinner And Sing-a-long
 2013-10-19 Rappelling Training For Canyoneers
 2013-10-19 Hike Twin Lakes Pass To Silver Fork Via Honeycomb Canyon MOD
 2013-10-19 Day Hike Heughs Canyon NTD
2 days  2013-10-19 Bruneau Dunes Sand Ski Tour MOD
 2013-10-19 Slow Pace Clark's Trail Hike In Draper NTD
 2013-10-19 Day Hike Timp Main Summit And Beyond MSD
 2013-10-19 Hiking Trail Maintenance Bst Rescheduled, Meeting Place Changed
 2013-10-20 Road Bike: East Layton MOD
 2013-10-20 Rescheduled: Hike Baker Pass Via Bowman MOD
 2013-10-20 Hike Green's Basin To The Old Cabin NTD
 2013-10-20 Organizers Choice Hike MOD
6 days  2013-10-23 Car Camp-the Maze MOD+
 2013-10-24 Road Bike Last Chance Alpine Loop MOD
3 days  2013-10-25 Canyoneering 101 MOD
 2013-10-26 Rock Climb - 18th Annual Tradapalooza NTD
 2013-10-26 Day Hike Notch Peak MOD
 2013-10-26 Hiking Trail Maintenance - Rescheduled To October19
 2013-10-26 Faint Trails Hike NTD
 2013-10-26 Hike Houndstooth And Beyond MSD
 2013-10-27 Road Bike: Emigration Canyon NTD+
 2013-10-27 Last Of The Month October Hike: Baker Pass Via Bowman MOD
 2013-10-28 Evening Hike - Jack's Mountain NTD+
 2013-10-31 Evening Hike - West Slope Of Grandeur Loope MOD-