bbq pot luck sing-a-long - August 16, 2013

RESERVE THIS NIGHT FOR A CANYON BBQ POT LUCK & SING-A-LONG IN BRIGHTON! Bryant & Beverly Jensen kindly offered their mountain cabin as our gathering place! Bring something to grill & drink, a pot luck dish to share, a chair and jacket (evening could be cool!) Remember also to bring any instrument you may or may not play (pots & pans are great!), your best/worst singing voice and BE PREPARED TO HAVE FUN! We'll eat first then get to the serious business of entertaining each other and having a great time! Directions: Go up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Just before Brighton, take the Guardsman Pass road. Go 1/2 mile to the first hairpin turn (to the right). Just as the turn is completing there is a hard to see road veering to the left. (1st JENSEN'S SIGN) In just a few hundred feet go through the steel gate (CLOSE THE GATE BUT DON'T LOCK IT). Continue on until you can turn left and immediately head to the left (2nd JENSEN'S SIGN) & (3RD JENSEN'S SIGN). You are now on the road to Bryant & Beverly Jensen camp. You can't go wrong now. Camp is about 3/10 of a mile. You have to go through another steel gate (CLOSE GATE BUT DON'T LOCK IT). Two maps of the last couple of miles will be sent via e-mail prior to the event.You won't want to miss this one! Any questions, call or email La Rae Bartholoma 801-277-4093 or Frank Bernard

Organizer:La Rae Bartholoma, Frank Bernard
Date:Fri Aug 16 2013
Meeting Place:Private cabin in Brighton
Meeting Time:6:00 pm