avalanche education: advanced avalanche beacon clinic - February 12, 2013

Advanced Avalanche Beacon Clinic by Ryan Guess, Pieps specialist at Liberty Mountain. Free and open to the public. Bring your beacon, any make and model, and learn more about it. Ryan's description: "Although I am with Pieps I try to run a make up your own mind style clinic. I will throw a lot of information at you for the first hour. I will be discussing the history of avalanche beacons, how beacon technology has advanced throughout the years, the benefits to three and four antenna beacons, importance of range and how coupling position effects this dramatically (The unspoken side of beacon marketing). I will also talk about the mark/flag functions of three antenna beacons and the two main thoughts behind that. The second half will be a hands on portion. I have at least one of every beacon that is on the market in the US currently. We will take all of them through a series of tests that will allow all of the participants to use and understand the different manufacturers ideas in simplifying the rescue. There will be a good coupling range test, a poor coupling range test, a deep burial scenario, and a multiple burial scenario."

Organizer:Walter* Haas
Date:Tue Feb 12 2013
Meeting Place:Sugar House Park at the Big Field Pavillion: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=40.724091,-111.849183
Meeting Time:6:30 pm