road bike: bald mountain pass from the evanston side - July 2, 2013

We'll ride the Mirror Lake Highway today to Bald Mountain Pass from the Evanston side, starting high and riding higher so we'll beat the heat. We'll ride from Bear River Lodge (about 8300 feet), up over Hayden Pass at about 10,350 feet, down past Mirror Lake (we'll only drop about 200 feet) and on up to Bald Mountain Pass at about 10,700 feet. The ride has lots of climbing as you might suspect, so it is a tough one, but it is a great ride: one that definitely should be on your bucket list. The Evanston side of Mirror Lake highway is prettier and has way less traffic than the Kamas side. The views along the way are gorgeous (meadows, streams, forests, mountains, wildflowers) and the views on top are simply stunning. (Can you tell I like this ride?) On the return trip, we can drop down from the main highway to Mirror Lake itself and maybe dip a toe or two in the water. The side jaunt will add about a mile and a climb back up to the highway of about 200 feet, but it does make a very nice side trip. Besides, it will be cool there, so we probably won't want to rush back home to 100+ degree heat anyway.

Route:Out & Back
Organizer:Robert Turner
Date:Tue Jul 2 2013
Meeting Place:Bear River Lodge, Mirror Lake Highway (UT 150) at about mile marker 49. Link to a map of the location:
Meeting Time:9:15 am
Carpool Place:Park City Dog Park (204 Gillmor Way, Park City, UT)
Carpool Time:7:45 am
Web Link:Map of ride