grand canyon rafting trip - class iii, iv - June 15, 2013

This is 16-day non-motorized trip. We may take out at Pearce Ferry, which would extend the trip a few days beyond 6/30. We will travel down river in a spirit of discovery, fun, adventure, teamwork, sharing, and friendship, with a close eye on safety. If interested in joining please contact Mark at the email provided. Space is limited and the following contributions will be prioritized: knowledge/experience with GC rapids; general river skills including safety, rescue, and camping; familiarity with special places to hike/explore along the river-way; compatibility with the group; suitable raft and ability to carry other passengers; trailer that can carry gear over-and-above your own; strong rowing ability but willing to also be a passenger (for bench depth); interpretive skills. Which of the above are most important will shift based on the evolving composition of the group.

Level:Class IV
Organizer:Mark Grosser
Date:Sat Jun 15 2013 — Sun Jun 30 2013
Meeting Place:Registration required