a few hills of park city road bike - June 21, 2013

We've got to start climbing the Park City hills sometime...and today's the day! But don't fret. We'll start out on some easy ones and work our way up to the steeper ones. AND we will never be too far away from our starting point so you can call it good whenever you have had enough fun! Friday rides are social -- ride at your own pace but we'll regroup at the top of each hill. Call me or watch your email if the weather is looking iffy. Remember your helmet, and we will strictly obey all traffic laws. The local police here have actually begun issuing tickets to cyclists who run stop signs and lights!

Organizer:Cheryl Soshnik
Date:Fri Jun 21 2013
Meeting Place:Park City Library (1255 Park Ave, Park City, UT)
Meeting Time:9:00 am