black canyon #2 canoeing trip - March 7, 2013

Once again, there is enough demand to have a second Black Canyon canoeing-canyoneering-hot tubbing trip. This trip is the second weekend in March. Black Canyon is south of Las Vegas on the Colorado River below Hoover Dam. As Rick describes the trip "A wonderful getaway from winter weekend - spend it hiking, scrambling, canoeing and luxuriating in scenic hot tubs, leaving your snow boots and parkas home and hanging out in your Tevas, T shirts and shorts." We will drive down Thursday morning, check into the Hacienda Hotel near Boulder Dam, then check out the dam and the new bridge over the canyon. After dinner together at the casino buffet, we will get our gear together for an early Friday morning rollout to meet the outfitter who will be driving us through the national high security zone to the foot of the dam, where we will launch our rented canoes. On Friday and Saturday we spend most of our time exploring side canyons and hot springs with short stretches in our canoes between them. On Sunday morning we will paddle and explore for 3 hours down to the takeout (Willow Beach), where the outfitter picks us up and brings us back to our cars at the hotel. We will drive home Sunday. Plan on temperatures from the 40's at night to 90's in the day. Canoes carry a fair amount of gear so it is almost like car camping. We will be renting a van for some of the people. This is one of the easiest trips we do so there will be opportunities for people to get involved and learn about organizing trips. Sign up soon because NPS permits are required with your name on them and we have learned that they go fast.

Level:Class I
Organizer:Zig Sondelski
Date:Thu Mar 7 2013 — Sun Mar 10 2013
Meeting Place:Registration required