bike touring 'shakedown ride' to the multi-sport social - May 25, 2013

The bike touring season is approaching, it's time to make sure you have the right gear loaded in the right places on the right kind of bicycle for the season. First time tourers are especially encouraged to come to the 6200 Park and Ride on Saturday, pack your bike as if you were actually heading out on a multi-day tour, and then we'll ride to see how it feels to bike with a loaded rig. We'll ride around the flatlands for a while to get our touring legs, and then we'll head up Big Cottonwood Canyon to join the rest of the club members for the Storm Mountain Multi-Sport festivities. Please let me know ahead of time if you are coming! I've got the start time at 11AM but I might go earlier if people want to spend more time packing and riding before heading UP the road.

Organizer:Cheryl Soshnik
Date:Sat May 25 2013
Meeting Place:6200 South Park & Ride (6500 Wasatch Boulevard)
Meeting Time:11:00 am