hike twin lakes pass to silver fork via honeycomb canyon - October 19, 2013

While we won't be moving in a laggardly, langorously, languid, lazy, lethargical, lingering, listless manner, I promise we won't be "busting our buns" on our second journey over Twin Lakes Pass toward lunch at Silver Fork. I love hiking through the golden Aspens above Silver Lake (if they haven't fallen). And I love even more having a relaxing reward at the end of the trail. We'll vary our route this time and follow Knick's route through Honeycomb Canyon. Plan on a good 2 - 3 hours on the trail and time for lunch after. Come with the 10Es and prepared for any weather - it is October.

Organizer:WOIB & Michelle
Date:Sat Oct 19 2013
Meeting Place:Big Cottonwood Canyon Park & Ride
Meeting Time:8:45 am

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