flat water multi-sport at antelope island - October 5, 2013

MULTI-SPORT WEEKEND INTRODUCTION TO PADDLING If you like paddling or you just want to try paddling and are not sure where to start, join us at the marina near the causeway for a paddle on the Great Salt Lake. We will give instruction and paddle for about an hour. After that, you are welcome to come back to the marina or continue paddling for another hour with others. Bring water, sun screen, life jacket, boat and paddle. Bring your own boat if you have one; we will have a limited number for people to try. We hope to have at least 1 SUP, too. Sea kayaks or longer recreation kayaks are ideal, but any kayak will work. If there is any significant wind, the Great Salt is not the place for beginners in canoes, but if the wind is light they can work. If you need to rent a boat, they are available from Wasatch Touring and the Outdoor Program at the U of U. Call if weather is questionable. The October Rambler has more info on all the weekend's activities. We will camp out Friday night & culminate Saturday's activities with a group dinner at 3:30 pm. Information about the dinner & to who to RSVP is available on the activity calendar. BE AWARE THERE IS AN ENTRANCE FEE TO THE PARK. EACH PARTICIPANT/CAR IS INDEPENDENTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ENTRANCE FEE. Meeting Time: 1:00 pm -we have decided to bag the 10:00 session due to forecasted chilly temps.

Level:Flat Water
Organizer:Pam Stalnaker
Date:Sat Oct 5 2013
Meeting Place:Marina on Antelope Island near the causeway
Meeting Time:1:00 pm