wilderness volunteer project-trail restoration, northern nevada - October 6, 2013

The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge is a remote and expansive jewel of high-desert habitat, set aside in the 1930s for the conservation of pronghorn antelope. Our service project is restoration and rehabilitation of desert springs by removing piping, barrels, troughs, fencing, and other past 'improvements' from long ago. Volunteers will camp in a remote part of the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge to dismantle these outdated water structures and prepare them to be hauled away. Our work will restore the immediate areas around springs to their natural conditions. Check out the WV website (https://wildernessvolunteers.org or contact the co-leaders, Zig(zig.sondelski@gmail.com) or Dudley (Dudley.mcilhenny@gmail.com) for more information. Trip is almost full so act soon if interested.

Organizer:Dudley McIlhenny
Date:Sun Oct 6 2013 — Sat Oct 12 2013
Meeting Place:Registration required