WMC Activity Calendar for April, 2014
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 2014-04-01 Climbing Meeting/Social, Kick-Off meeting NTD-
 2014-04-01 Alpine Ski Tour: Tri Canyons MOD+
 2014-04-03 Pre-Season Hike Planning Get-Together at the WMC Lodge: RSVP Required
 2014-04-03 Back Country Alpine Ski Tour MOD
3 days  2014-04-04 Canyoneering 201 MOD
 2014-04-05 Service Hike - Mount Olympus Trailhead Clean Up and Hike
 2014-04-05 Hike Perkins Peak MOD
 2014-04-05 Co-Organized Slow Pace Draper Hike - Hidden Valley Park towards Corner Canyon NTD-
 2014-04-05 Blow-out Snow Removal Party Social
 2014-04-06 Road Bike: Southwest Valley MOD-
 2014-04-06 Hike Black Crook Peak MSD-
 2014-04-06 Cedar Mountains Day Hike MOD
 2014-04-06 Hike Churchfork to Grandeur Saddle NTD
 2014-04-06 Alpine Ski Tour 1/2 Day
 2014-04-07 Draper Hike: Trail of the Eagle NTD+
5 days  2014-04-08 Paddling San Juan April 8-12 Class I
 2014-04-08 Alpine Ski Tour: Tri Canyons MOD+
 2014-04-08 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Little Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2014-04-09 Mount Olympus Mid-week Day Hike MSD-
 2014-04-09 Evening Hike: Ferguson Canyon NTD
 2014-04-10 Back Country Alpine Ski Tour MOD
 2014-04-10 Evening Hike: Rattlesnake Gulch NTD
 2014-04-10 Rock Climb, Dogwood MOD
3 days  2014-04-11 Yellowstone Hike - Paced Bike Ride
 2014-04-12 Boat Shed Opening Work Party
 2014-04-12 Road Bike: Emigration Canyonto Big Mt snowline MOD
 2014-04-12 Let's Get Started! Co-Organized Beginner/Family Hike to Lower Bells Reservoir NTD-
 2014-04-12 Hike Organizers Choice MOD
 2014-04-12 Mountain Bike city creek to North Salt Lake MOD
 2014-04-13 Road Bike: Antelope Island MOD
 2014-04-13 Van & Trailer Training
 2014-04-13 Day Hike: Yellow Fork Canyon Loop MOD-
 2014-04-13 Organizers Choice NTD Hike NTD
 2014-04-13 Mountaineering - Triple Traverse 2014 EXT
 2014-04-13 Rattlesnake Gulch Dog Hike NTD
 2014-04-14 Draper Hike: Cherry Canyon to One-Hour-Rock NTD+
 2014-04-15 Alpine Ski Tour: Tri Canyons MOD+
 2014-04-15 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Little Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2014-04-15 Training, knots for climbers and canyoneers NTD
 2014-04-16 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Foothills Area NTD
 2014-04-16 Road Bike: Jordan River Trail-1300 W Loop NTD
 2014-04-17 Bike Maintenance: Flat Tire Repair
 2014-04-17 Back Country Alpine Ski Tour MOD
 2014-04-17 Rock Climb, Geezer Wall NTD+
 2014-04-17 Evening Hike: Mt. Olympus to the Stream NTD
3 days  2014-04-18 Canyoneering 201 - Boulder Basecamp MOD
 2014-04-18 Sing-A-Long and Pot Luck Dinner
9 days  2014-04-19 Point Reyes National Seashore Backpack MOD-
 2014-04-19 Hike to North Timp via the 'Cold Fusion Couloir' MSD
 2014-04-19 Mill B Hike or Snowtrack NTD
 2014-04-19 Road Bike: S L C Marathon
 2014-04-19 Canoeing on-water training Flat Water
2 days  2014-04-19 Wah Wah Mountains Car Camp MOD+
 2014-04-19 Hike South End of Stansbury Island MOD
 2014-04-20 Hike - Mount Wire MOD
 2014-04-20 Organizer's Choice Afternoon Day Hike NTD
 2014-04-20 Mountain Bike Corner Canyon MOD+
 2014-04-21 Canyoneering 101 Workshops MOD
 2014-04-21 Draper Hike Jacobs Ladder Approach NTD+
 2014-04-22 Alpine Ski Tour: Tri Canyons MOD+
 2014-04-22 Road Bike, Evergreen NTD+
 2014-04-22 Evening Hike: Killyon Canyon NTD
5 days  2014-04-23 San Juan River Rafting Mexican Hat to Clay Hills 6 Days Class II
4 days  2014-04-23 Car Camp-The Maze/Canyonlands Nat Park MOD
 2014-04-23 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2014-04-23 Evening Dog Hike: Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2014-04-23 Bike Touring: Basics of Touring at R E I
 2014-04-23 Road Bike: Frontrunner Ride Farmington to Roy MOD-
 2014-04-24 BC Alpine Ski Tour - Cancelled MOD
 2014-04-24 Evening Hike: The Living Room NTD
 2014-04-24 Utah Whitewater Film Fest Boating Social 7-9
 2014-04-24 Rock Climb - Challenge Buttress MOD
4 days  2014-04-25 Road Bike: Boulder Multisport MOD+
4 days  2014-04-25 Boulder Multisport Car Camp NTD
2 days  2014-04-26 Hike/Car Camp to Colonnade Arch NTD
2 days  2014-04-26 Conservation San Rafael Reef WSA Boundary Assessment
 2014-04-26 Boulder Multisport Exploratory Hike - Upper Muley Twist MOD+
2 days  2014-04-26 Mountain Bike Vernal MOD+
 2014-04-26 Slow Pace Hike - Notice this hike may be cancelled due to rain NTD+
 2014-04-26 Dry Hollow Hike MOD+
 2014-04-26 Road Bike: Zion Gran Fondo
 2014-04-26 Hike Ennis, Rocky Mouth, or Maybe West Grandeur MSD
 2014-04-26 Hiking Trail Maintenance - CANCELLED. Bonneville Shoreline Trail
 2014-04-26 Gear Swap at Utah Whitewater Gear Boating Meeting
 2014-04-27 Hike Big Cottonwood Canyon Area NTD+
 2014-04-27 Day Hike -Dry Fork Van Cott MOD
 2014-04-27 Day Hike, Storm Mountain MSD
 2014-04-27 Day Hike up Pipeline in Millcreek NTD
 2014-04-28 Draper Hike: Sawmill Trail to the Waterfall NTD+
 2014-04-29 Alpine Ski Tour: Tri Canyons MOD+
 2014-04-29 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2014-04-30 Evening Hike: Rattlesnake Gulch NTD
 2014-04-30 Road Bike to Farmington on Legacy Bike Path MOD-