WMC Activity Calendar for June, 2014
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 2014-06-01 Day Hike The Beatout EXT
 2014-06-01 Day Hike: Terraces - Elbow Fork Loop NTD+
122 days  2014-06-01 Backpacking this Summer
 2014-06-01 Day Hike/Baker Pass MOD
 2014-06-01 Exploratory Hike - Lone Rock/Storm Window Arch MOD
 2014-06-01 Road Bike: Jordanelle - River road (NOTE: MEETING PLACE CHANGE) MOD
 2014-06-01 Rock Climb - climb NTD+
 2014-06-02 family friendly draper evening hike - Spring Hollow Trail NTD
 2014-06-03 Tue night mountain bike ride MOD+
 2014-06-03 Mountain Bike on Mormon Trail MOD
 2014-06-03 Bike Touring: Jackson Planning Mtg
 2014-06-03 Evening Hike: Lambs Canyon or Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2014-06-03 Road Bike: Stansbury-Ophir Loop MOD+
 2014-06-04 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2014-06-04 Peak 10,788, AKA Thunder Mountain Day Hike MSD-
 2014-06-05 Evening Hike: Terraces to Elbow Fork Loop, Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2014-06-05 After work hike - Malans Peak - Ogden MOD-
 2014-06-05 Rock Climb - Storm Mtn and Reservoir Ridge Wall NTD+
 2014-06-07 Hiking Trail Maintenance - National Trails Day
 2014-06-07 Hike the annual classic RWRW MSD
 2014-06-07 Day Hike to Rudy's Flat via North Fork in City Creek Canyon (with bike ride) MOD+
 2014-06-07 Road Bike: East Side - West Side White City Loop MOD
 2014-06-07 Day Hike Easy Silver Fork Loop NTD
 2014-06-08 Day Hike - Provo Peak EXT
 2014-06-08 Day Hike: Baer Canyon MOD+
 2014-06-08 Afternoon Day Hike: Mill B North to the Overlook NTD
 2014-06-08 Road Bike: Coalville to Lost Creek Reservoir MOD
 2014-06-08 Road Bike - West Jordan to Provo Canyon MOD+
 2014-06-08 Rock Climb - Red rock, in the shade NTD+
 2014-06-09 family friendly draper evening hike - Ghost Falls NTD
 2014-06-10 Tue night mountain bike ride MOD+
 2014-06-10 Worst Case Scenario Preparedness Evening Hike, Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2014-06-10 Road Bike: Frontrunner Ride Farmington to Roy MOD-
 2014-06-11 Evening Dog Hike: Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2014-06-11 Evening Hike: Cardiff Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2014-06-12 Evening Hike: Grandeur Peak Saddle from Church Fork, Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2014-06-12 Road Bike: Tour de Riverton MOD-
 2014-06-12 Rock Climb: Geezer Wall (or Challenge Buttress if it isn't full) NTD
2 days  2014-06-13 Cancelled--San Rafael River kayaking trip--Cancelled Class I
6 days  2014-06-13 Grande Ronde White Water Rafting Class II
2 days  2014-06-14 RockCliff Overnighter Bike Touring MOD
 2014-06-14 Day Hike via the north route from Granite Flat Campground American Fork Canyon MSD-
 2014-06-14 Co-Organized Family-Friendly Slow Pace Hike - Salt Lake Overlook NTD
 2014-06-14 Hike Bowman Fork MOD
 2014-06-14 Davis County 'Quaint Trails' Hike: Hike Patsy's Mine NTD+
 2014-06-15 Rock Climb - Dogwood - in the shade NTD+
 2014-06-15 Faint Trails Hike - Scottish Chief Mine and Old Park City-Brighton Road NTD
 2014-06-15 Hike: Butler Fork Loop MOD
 2014-06-16 Family Friendly Draper Evening Hike - Suncrest Trailhead to Traverse Ridge NTD+
 2014-06-17 Tue night mountain bike ride MOD+
 2014-06-17 Evening Hike: Mill B North, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2014-06-17 Road Bike to Farmington on Legacy Bike Path MOD
 2014-06-18 Evening Hike: Willow Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2014-06-19 Evening Hike: Red Pine Lake, Little Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2014-06-19 Rock Climb, Gate Buttress MOD
 2014-06-19 River Trip Planning Meeting - Split Mtn - Green River Class III
 2014-06-20 Sing-A-Long and Pot Luck Dinner
 2014-06-20 Road Bike - Smith & Morehouse Lollipop MOD
 2014-06-21 Hike - The Sundial MSD-
 2014-06-21 TreeUtah Family-Friendly Flora Identification Workshop/Hike NTD-
 2014-06-21 Leisure Pace Late Morning Hike - Elbow Fork Loop NTD
 2014-06-21 Rock Climb: Climbing 102 - Sport Lead/ Safety, $5 fee - please pre-register NTD
 2014-06-22 Party - BBQ - Presentation - Mtn Accord Update
 2014-06-22 Post BBQ Afternoon Hike Towards Lake Catherine NTD
 2014-06-22 Peak 9141 Day Hike MSD-
 2014-06-22 Road Bike Ride: Chalk Creek MOD
 2014-06-23 Yoga for Rock Climbers NTD+
5 days  2014-06-23 Bike Touring: Jackson, WY Loop MSD
 2014-06-23 family friendly draper evening hike - BST to the Salt Lake County Flight Park NTD
 2014-06-24 Tue night mountain bike ride MOD+
 2014-06-24 Evening Hike: Big Cottonwood Butler Fork Bonanza NTD
 2014-06-24 Road Bike the Legacy Bike Path to Farmington MOD
 2014-06-25 White Water Rafting 4th of july payette planning meeting Class III
 2014-06-25 Evening Hike: Organizer's Choice, Little Cottonwood Canyon NTD
 2014-06-25 Evening Dog Hike: Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2014-06-26 Evening Hike: Salt Lake Overlook, Mill Creek Canyon NTD
 2014-06-26 Canoeing: Learn Solo Canadian Style Canoe Strokes Flat Water
 2014-06-26 Rock Climb Lisa Falls(if you can still recognize it)
 2014-06-27 Road Bike - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER! MOD
3 days  2014-06-28 Split Mountain White Water Rafting Class III
 2014-06-28 Hike Lone Peak via Cherry Canyon EXT
 2014-06-28 Service Hike - Brighton Silver Lake Area
 2014-06-28 Family Friendly Relaxed Pace Hike to Lower Red Pine Lake MOD-
 2014-06-28 Day Hike: Maybird to Red Pine MOD
 2014-06-28 Rock Climb Echo Canyon
 2014-06-29 Hike Mount Timpanogos MSD
 2014-06-29 Road Bike - Slim & Knobby's Jordanelle Woodland Kamas & back MOD
 2014-06-29 Day Hike - Gobblers Knob MOD
 2014-06-29 Hike Killyon's Canyon NTD
 2014-06-30 Family-Friendly Draper Evening Hike - Coyote Hollow to Brock's Point NTD+