wah wah mountains car camp - April 19, 2014

You can see the spectacular white bulk of Crystal Peak from fifty miles away in western Utah. Close up, the peak is even weirder and more interesting than it looks from far away. Donn Seeley managed to find the only viable route to the summit on an earlier trip, and he'll take you to the top for the amazing view. Further south in the Wah Wahs is Lawson Cove, where you can enjoy cliffy scenery and a gorgeous mixed ponderosa / bristlecone forest. If the conditions are too snowy for that hike, we'll find a hike to do near Fossil Mountain in the southern Confusion Range, where the brachiopod fossils are packed so tightly that the rocks look like they are solid fossils. You can expect off-trail hiking and some easy scrambling, with a potential for exploratory rambling.

Organizer:Donn Seeley
Date:Sat Apr 19 2014 — Sun Apr 20 2014
Meeting Place:Registration required

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