road bike: bear lake midweek getaway - July 28, 2014

The Bear Lake recreation area that straddles the Utah-Idaho border provides a refreshing summer getaway. While traffic in the area is always significant, a midweek trip will be preferable for cyclists. Our plan is to arrive late Monday, then ride the 50-mile loop around the lake (at least once!) on Tuesday. On Wednesday we'll find another route to explore. Those desiring to then head home can do so. Others may want to stay an extra night and drive home Thursday (we'll reserve a large site for the 3-nighters). The lake and surrounding attractions (including a hot springs) offer off-the-bike diversions. The KOA campground at Garden City is on the lake and we'll have full bathroom facilities, a pool, WiFi, a kitchen and pavilion, electricity, and good shade. Tent sites accommodate up to 6 people and several tents. Per person cost is factored by the number of people on each site; figure between $12 and $17 per person per day. KOA also offers cabin rentals and RV hookups for those who choose not to camp. A 2-BR cabin with bathroom that sleeps 6 runs about about $180 per night. Cost of RV sites varies according to configuration and hookups. NOTE: I'll make reservations for tent sites; those desiring a cabin rental or RV site must make their own reservations. Please contact me with your stated intention to either camp or make your own arrangements, as well as your desire for 2 or 3 nights. I'll be collecting a $10 deposit for your reservation, which will become nonrefundable on 6/1/14. As the event nears, I'll contact you to determine evening meal preference: Group dinner at the campsite or a local restaurant.

Organizer:Katie Slack
Date:Mon Jul 28 2014 — Thu Jul 31 2014
Meeting Place:Registration required
Web Link:KOA Campground at Garden City