training for boating trip organizers - March 30, 2014

We have plenty of rivers but need more organizers, so Organizer Training is set for Sunday, March 30, from 10 AM to 2 PM at Bart and La Rae Bartholoma's home and will include a pot luck lunch. Please sign up as we are limiting the class size (but won't turn you away if you show up with good food). More classes will be held as necessary. The address is 5904 S Tolecate Woods Lane (2930 E) in SLC. It's roughly north of 6200 S and west of I-215. From Holladay Blvd, go east on 5800 S (Tolcate Lane). Turn south on Tolcate Woods Lane (before the underpass.) Recommend googling it. This training is recommended for all boaters, since you are expected to help with organizing. Organizing does not mean that one person does the work, but instead delegates it. If you want to start organizing or help out more or just learn about what's involved, then plan to join in. If you already organize trips and want to improve your skills and share your knowledge, your help will be appreciated. The training will follow the Boating Organizer Guide, which is now available on the WMC site under Activity Menu > Canoe, Kayak, Raft>Trip Organizer Guide. (You must be logged in to access it.)

Organizer:Zig Sondelski
Date:Sun Mar 30 2014
Meeting Place:5904 S Tolecate Woods Lane (2930 E)
Meeting Time:10:00 am
Web Link:Google map of the destination